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Seminars, Meetings, Conferences, events that we organized or attended

  • December 1st 2016 - openMAINT 1.1.overview
    Webinar: overview of the main new features of the version 1.1 of openMAINT
  • November 3rd 2016 - CMDBuild 2.4.2 overview
    Webinar: an introduction to the main new features of the 2.4.2. version
  • October 4th 2016 - CMDBuild DAY 2016
    Fourth edition of CMDBuild Users Convention
  • August 4th 2016 - BIM and openMAINT
    Webinar: the advantages of BIM and openMAINT
  • June 1st 2016 - CMDBuild READY2USE usage overview
    Webinar: an introduction to the main features
  • May 10th 2016 - openMAINT usage overview
    Webinar presenting an overview of the main features of openMAINT
  • April 6th 2016 - CMDBuild 2.4
    Webinar presenting the news features of version 2.4
  • June 10th 2015 - CMDBuild READY2USE
    Webinar presenting the new configuration of CMDBuild "READY2USE"
  • May 14th 2015 - What's new in openMAINT 1.0
    Webinar presenting the new openMAINT version and related features
  • February 17th 2015 - What's new in CMDBuild 2.3
    Webinar introducing the main new features of CMDBuild 2.3
  • October 31th 2014 - BIM DAY 2014
    Workshop about new BIM methods and the multitude of possibilities of digital integration for corporations and professionals
  • May 15th 2014 - CMDBuild DAY 2014
    Third edition of CMDBuild Users Convention
  • May 5th 2014 Tecnologie smart in Comune
    openMAINT l'applicazione open source per la manutenzione di patrimoni immobiliari - DDayFVG - Go on Italia, Tavagnacco (UD)
  • February 26th 2014Open Source for Real !
    The first event aimed at dissemination of open source technology at the highest level, with deep roots in the national IT market supply and supported by the international community - SUSE  - Rome
  • May 28th 2013 TOGAF, Archi and CMDBuild
    Open source tools for organisations that use TOGAF: Archi and CMDBuild -Florence
  • May 10th 2012 CMDBuild DAY 2012
    Second edition of CMDBuild Users Convention
  • November 26th 2011– Open Source Day
    This annual Meeting is meant for people interested in computer science, experts in this field, but also for those onlookers that would like to know the Open Source world.
  • May 31st 2011 – CMDBuild Event
    Open Source and ITIL for IT assets management
  • May 19th 2011 - “al servizio del cittadino” (“at Citizens' Disposal”)
    data bank management & open source solutions to improve administrative efficiency
  • April 8th 2011 - “Roma città... open” (“Rome, open... city”)
    Office Automation Solutions, Collaboration and Asset Management with Open Source technologies
  • February 23rd 2011 – IT Club FVG
    CMDBuild: Case Study of an Open Source Project – Confindustria di Udine
  • Juli 23rd 2010 – Conferenza HomePage (HomePage Conference)
    "Pubblica amministrazione ed OpenSource: una possibilità di sviluppo" (“Public Administration and OpenSource: a Possibility of Development”) - Let's talk about it at HomePage, Parco Del Cormor, Udine
  • April 15th 2010 – CMDBuild Day 2010
    First convention for CMDBuild users and those who are interested in the project – Castello di Udine
  • Juli 1st 2009 – ITIL and PMBOK
    Service management and project management in comparison – Toscana Regional Council, Florence
  • March 11th 2009 – Incontro Club TI Triveneto (Triveneto IT Club Meeting)
    InfoCamere Padova
  • October 25th 2008 – Linux Day
  • April 18th 2008 - “ITIL at Work” Meeting
    Open Source Environment supporting ITIL “Best Practices” - Milan
  • February 7th 2008 – Convegno Plio (Plio Conference)
    “Free Software in Friuli-Venezia Giulia: Experiences and Future Prospects for ICT Trade Development” - Udine
  • October 27th 2007 – Linux Day
  • September 26th-28th 2007 – Think Open
  • Juli 3rd 2007 – ALSI Seminar
    University of Udine
  • February 9th-11th 2006 – InnovAction Meeting
    Innovation and ideas protection: War of position or a race against the clock ? -Udine
  • November 8th-9th 2005 – SALPA Meeting
    Green Park Resort – Tirrenia (PISA)
  • Juli 6th 2005 – Seminar on Introduction to accessibility: Explanations and Examples - University of Udine
  • June 29th 2004 – Asolo Golf Club Event
    Organized by Connecting-Managers
  • November 29th 2003 – Linux Day
  • April 5th 2003 – Conference with the Unione Parmense degli Industriali – Parma
  • December 13th, 2002 – Conference with Associazione Industriali della Provincia di Udine - Quality, safety and free use by means of new business models - Udine

Our services

We offer support services for the open source software CMDBuild, for the IT ASSET MANAGEMENT, and openMAINT, for the PROPERTY and FACILITY MANAGEMENT.

We design and develop web and mobile applications.

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