openMAINT - Finance and logistics

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17 March


from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM

openMAINT - Finance and logistics

Webinar: deepening the Finance and Logistic Modules

openMAINT is the CMDBuild vertical solution for the Property & Facility management.

During the webinar Tecnoteca experts deepen the Finance and logistics functional area and in particular:

  • Finance module
    • Price lists feature (material and labour)
    • Accounting movements registration (material, labour and generic)
    • Invoice management (import from XML)
    • Budget configuration (three-level hierarchy, report and spreadsheet)
      • Partition tables configuration
    • Contracts archive (rent, purchase agreement, service provision, utility)
    • Purchase orders management
  • Logistics module
    • Consumables registry
    • Warehouse movements (load, unload, relocation)
    • Stock availability report (overall and for warehouse)

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