About us

We are an IT Company, founded in 2000, which develops web applications and is the Maintainer of CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT open source projects.

We are experts in information systems for the IT Governance and Facility Management sectors.

We have developed and made available with an open source license the following software products:

  • CMDBuild, basic environment for the configuration of applications for asset management,
  • CMDBuild READY2USE, verticalization for IT Governance,
  • openMAINT, verticalization for Property & Facility Management.

We help our customers for a fast and optimal start up our products and we support them in the daily management offering quality services, guaranteed by our Maintainer role.

We also design and develop web and mobile applications for companies and public administrations.
For web sites, we have been using for over 15 years PLONE, an open source CMS used worldwide by multinationals, innovative start-ups, universities and government agencies; we are a PLONE official provider and we offer advice and assistance.

Every day we try to reinforce the bridge we have chosen to build, the one between the new technological horizons and the needs of our customers. We do it with dedication and perseverance because we have a goal: to make new technologies functional and easily accessible.

We have the  ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Logo_Avatar_rgb.jpgOUR LOGO

Technology helps companies to find the best solutions to solve organizational and commercial problems.
But technology without the protagonist presence of the human resource can never give the best solutions.
We wanted to emphasize with our logo the primary value of the human factor behind every successful technology.

Company overview


Have a look at our story!

Tecnoteca srl is founded

The passion for information technology and the sharing the Open Source philosophy are the reasons that led us in 2000 to create Tecnoteca.

We choose Plone 

After selecting Zope as an Application Server, we choose Plone as a reference CMS for the creation of our customers sites

CMDBuild 0.4

We release the first version of the CMDBuild software, as part of a joint project with the Municipality of Udine.

CMDBuild 1.0 

CMDBuild is subject to a complete refactoring of both the server-side architecture and the user interface and is chosen by different companies and organizations in Italy and worldwide.

First edition of the CMDBuild DAY

We organize the first CMDBuild DAY in Udine, the biennial convention dedicated to the CMDBuild users and to all the people interested in the project.

Second edition of the CMDBuild DAY

The second edition of the CMDBuild DAY is held in Bologna, at the headquarters of the Emilia Romagna Region. The event is broadcast in live streaming.

CMDBuild 2.0

CMDBuild becomes an enterprise product with version 2.0. Among the new features of this new version, a new workflow engine interface with the database and the introduction of dashboards.


We release openMAINT, the software for real estate, civil and industrial systems management and related maintenance activities. openMAINT is a verticalization of CMDBuild and is among the few open source CMMS (Computerized Maintenance and Management System).

Third edition of the CMDBuild DAY

Rome is the location of the third CMDBuild DAY, which takes place at the prestigious “Sala delle Colonne” in Palazzo Marini (headquarters at the time of the Italian Chamber of Deputies).


We release CMDBuild READY2USE, a CMDBuild verticalization based on ITIL best practices and complete with all the features needed to manage the IT Governance..

Fourth edition of the CMDBuild DAY

In 2016 the appointment is renewed with the CMDBuild DAY held in videoconference and in English language.

Fifth edition of the CMDBuild DAY

The biennial appointment with the CMDBuild DAY, is renewed, in videoconference it hosts numerous speeches of international users of CMDBuild and openMAINT.

CMDBuild 3

The version 3 of CMDBuild is released; its design began in 2017 and it requested over 12 man-years of development. Actually it is a new product, with a new user interface and the server code almost completely rewritten.

Sixth edition of the CMDBuild DAY

The sixth edition of CMDBuild DAY is held. The biennial event hosts testimonials of the use of CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE, openMAINT and experts of the IT Governance and Facility Management.