openMAINT Corrective maintenance

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15 July


from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM

openMAINT Corrective maintenance

Webinar: deepening the Corrective Maintenance Module

openMAINT is the CMDBuild vertical solution for the Property & Facility management.

During the webinar Tecnoteca experts deepen the Corrective maintenance functional area and in particular:

  1. Purpose of the corrective maintenance process

  2. Corrective maintenance configuration

    1. Categorization definition

    2. Team assignment criteria

    3. Service Level Agreement (SLA) configuration

  3. Overview of the operational flow

    1. Underlying logic

    2. Involved roles

    3. Cost assignment and warehouse movement

    4. Estimates request and sub-activities creation

  4. Process flow in depth showcase (all the steps and automatic email notifications)

  5. Self service portal for non-technical users (process opening and status check)

  6. Information summary and custom pages

  7. Recap reports and dashboards

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