openMAINT 2.3

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16 February


from 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM

openMAINT 2.3

Webinar: presentation of the openMAINT 2.3 new version

openMAINT is the CMDBuild vertical solution for the Property & Facility Management.

During the webinar Tecnoteca experts deepen the new features of the 2.3 version:

  • Maintenance Processes integrations and improvements:
    • Knowledge Base introduction;
    • Corrective Maintenance direct opening from Preventive Maintenance;
    • Identify a specific assignee in addition to supplier and team;
    • New checklists and dynamic emails generation.

  • Extensions to other modules:
    • New document types “Photo” and “Signature”;
    • Improvements of the Energy Management module;
    • Extension of Consumables class and new report “Attachments list”.

  • New CMDBuild “core” platform features exploitation:
    • GIS improvements (info window, from file fields, layers navigation tree, etc.);
    • Dynamic emails, improved checklists management and consistency validations.


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