CMDBuild Subscription

The advantages of open source software with the guaranteed assistance of a commercial solution.

Choose the Enterprise Open Source Solution to take advantage of our expertise and ensure the stability of your CMDBuild instance.

Thanks to the Annual Subscription you get the value of a professional support, including the following benefits:
  • Certified Appliance (OVF standard),
  • Help Desk for resolution of issues related to the standard Administration / Management modules,
  • Bug fix with guaranteed SLA,
  • Notification and remote installation of available updates,
  • Non-open source functionalities:
  • Support services and training on the use of the GUI Framework (extra costs will incur),
  • Access to the other Services: support for start-up, advice and customization activities, training (extra costs will incur).

The Annual Maintenance service will be applied to a single production instance of CMDBuild.

The Annual Subscription has a 12 months validity and can be then renewed annually; no automatic renewal is provided. Customers who do not renew the Subscription cannot continue to use the Advanced Features (Mobile APP, Advanced Connector).

The price is defined accordingly to the Instance Complexity (Base, Large, Very Large) and the desired Service Level Agreement (Silver, Gold, Platinum), combining the two elements.

Instance complexity

The parameters used to value the complexity of a CMDBuild instance are as follows:

INSTANCE Base Large Very Large Custom
Users (IT operator that use CMDBuild)* <=20 <=40 <=100 >100
Workflows <=5 <=10 <=20 >20
Connectors with external systems <=2 <=5 <=10 >10
Cluster configuration no yes yes yes
Tenant configuration** <=5 <=15 <=30 >30

*Users are all who have a registered account in the table of system "User" . Are not considered users those enabled to submit requests (ticket from the portal, by email, etc.) and not recorded in the "User" table.

**There is an additional cost for each configured tenant.

The instance typology we have to consider is the smallest one that satisfies all parameters.

Service Level Agreement

The main features of each service level are described in the following table:

SERVICE Silver Gold Platinum
Help Desk via email yes yes yes
Phone service no yes yes
Remote connection yes yes yes
Maximum response time "Ticket A" 3 working days 2 working days 4 working hours
Maximum resolution time for each "Ticket A" 5 working days 3 working days 4 working hours
Alerts for new software versions and upgrades scheduling 10 working days 6 working days 2 working days


The cost of the Subscription is determined according to the required SLA level and the complexity of the instance 

Instance Complexity/SLA Base Large Very Large
Silver Base/ Silver Large/ Silver Very Large/ Silver
Gold Base/ Gold Large/ Gold Very Large/ Gold
Platinum Base/ Platinum Large/ Platinum Very Large/ Platinum


The Maintenance Service does not include custom activities for the system configuration (start-up activities) or other customizations and developments, which are managed through the Pay-Per-Use Support.

The Maintenance Service covers the warranty resolution of standard code bugs related to the last released version and to all developments done by Tecnoteca technicians, while does not cover the resolution of any errors or problems on additional components (like reports, workflows, custom developments, etc.) configured independently by Customer's technicians or third-party personnel.

The service is provided by remote connection and remote support (VPN, SSH, etc.). It is provided in English during the working days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CET).