READY2USE Training

If you sign the Subscription, you can also buy remote training sessions.

BASE MODULE (5 sessions - 20 hours total) - CMDBuild READY2USE application functionalities:
  • use of the user interface and basic functionalities (relationships, history, attachments, email, etc.);
  • base archives: locations, customers and clients contacts, vendors and suppliers contacts, offices, staff, human resources control through the Active Directory connector;
  • client asset management : data sheets, reports, dashboards, moving process, monitoring of the physical computers through the connector with the system OCS Inventory;
  • server area asset management: data sheets, reports, dashboards, control of virtual server via connector with the VMware system;
  • asset management area networks: data sheets, support wizard for the registration of cabling and IP addresses;
  • softwares management: client licenses and software installation, database and infrastructural software, applications and server components;
  • use of the relation graph for the analysis of data and dependencies;
  • service desk and service catalog: Incident Management, Request Fulfillment;
  • other processes: Change Management;
  • self-service intranet portal for interaction of non-technical users;
  • use of the mobile app for smartphones and tablets;
  • geo-referencing of the physical assets on territorial maps, 2D floor plans, 3D models.

Training activities can be carried out using remote collaboration tools, in Italian or English, during the working days, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CET), in maximum 4 hours per session.

Every course would have a maximum of three persons attending.

Advanced technical modules: please refer to CMDBuild training