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READY2USE Subscription

The advantages of open source software with the guaranteed assistance of a commercial solution.

Choose the Enterprise Open Source Solution to take advantage of our expertise and ensure the stability of your CMDBuild READY2USE instance.

With the Annual (*) Subscription you will get:
  • the pre-configured OVF appliance CMDBuild READY2USE,
  • the extended Manual,
  • the configured Self-service Portal,
  • the connector with OCS Inventory,
  • the connector with Active Directory,
  • the connector with VMware vCenter,
  • the connector with LLDP,
  • the APP Mobile,
  • help desk for solving issues about the Administration and Management Modules
  • bug fix in guaranteed time,
  • updated versions,
  • access to the services: support for start-up, advice and customization, training, (extra costs will incur).

(*) Customers who do not renew the Subscription can not continue to use the advanced features (Self-service Portal, connectors, app Mobile).


We provide different subscription typologies (Silver, Gold, Platinum), according to the levels of the granted services (SLA).

The main parameters of each service typology are described in the following table:

Help Desk via email yes yes yes
Phone service no yes yes
Remote connection yes yes yes
Maximum response time (ticket analysis) 3 working days 2 working days 4 working hours
Maximum resolution time for each ticket with level 1 5 working days 3 working days 4 working hours
Alerts for new software versions and upgrades scheduling 10 working days 6 working days 2 working days


The Subscription prices are still further differentiated according to the installation complexity. Tecnoteca includes two installation complexity levels:

Users (IT operator that use CMDBuild) <=20 >20
Workflows <=6 >6
Connectors with external systems <=4 >4

The instance typology is the smallest one that satisfies all parameters.

Users are all who have a registered account in the table of system "User". Are not considered users those enabled to submit requests (ticket from the portal, by email, etc.) and not recorded in the "User" table


The service is provided by remote connection  and remote support (VPN, SSH, etc.). It will be provided in English during the working days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (CET).

The service does not include evolutive maintenance activities (like external connectors or workflow or report configuration).
The Subscription service is applied on a single CMDBuild READY2USE production instance.


Customer assistance will be provided according to the following procedures.

1. Helpdesk

The helpdesk takes care of issues / bugs sent to technical support through our Ticketing System.

Our staff also supports the customer in solving problems about configuration and usage of the CMDBuild READY2USE application.

Each customer has to identify and interact with a single member of the support team.

Tickets must be accurate and detailed, always describing software versions, problems detected and steps to reproduce the error.

Technical documentation like screenshots, logs, database export, xpdl files, xml files, etc. must be attached to the ticket.

2. Remote connection

Our technicians use remote connection to connect to CMDBuild READY2USE server and analyze, change configurations and fix errors. These operations are performed according to timetables defined by service levels.

Remote connection will comply with customer's security requirements and will match technicians' needs.

3. Upgrade to new software versions

The service upgrades both test and production installations to the latest CMDBuild core and READY2USE standard configuration. Installations are performed according to timetables defined by service levels.

4. Issues support with email confirmation

One of our 1° level technicians will take care of your issue and will write you back within the timescale defined by service level.

If possible, our technician will connect to the remote server to retrieve detailed informations and diagnose the problem.

5. Ticket level 1

Our support team will:

  • analyze and evaluate the problem
  • connect to server to get detailed informations
  • send the description of a possible solution
  • correct the problem according to timetables defined by service levels

If the problem is complex, or does not depend on CMDBuild READY2USE code, or involves third-party components, we'll send you an email and the problem will move to level 2.

6. Ticket level 2

This level requires the intervention of a 2° or 3° level technician that, after an initial analysis, will write you an email with the estimated time required to fix the issue.

If the problem is identified and is attributable to Tecnoteca, we will fix it and we'll update your server via remote connection.

7. Ticket level 3

If the problem is related to third-party components, or is related to other applications interacting with CMDBuild READY2USE, we'll send you an email with technical details and costs of possible solutions or suitable workarounds.

General criteria for the services provision

In the assessment of the maintenance services it can be available a remote access to your CMDBuild READY2USE server (through SSH and HTTP protocols), configured in order to comply with your Company Safety Policy.

The activation of the services on order implies the availability of resources compliant to CMDBuild READY2USE needs (8 GB RAM, 120 GB least disk space for each instance), and the activation of two CMDBuild READY2USE instances addressed to the test and production use.


The maintenance service applies to the last official CMDBuild core release and to the configurations implemented by Tecnoteca and not modified by the Customer.

The Annual Subscription service does not include START-UP activities or custom system configuration or other custom developments that can be managed if you sign the Pay-Per-Use support.


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Our services

We offer support services for the open source software CMDBuild, for the IT ASSET MANAGEMENT, and openMAINT, for the PROPERTY and FACILITY MANAGEMENT.

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