CMDBuild is an open source web environment, to configure customized applications for asset management.

CMDBuild allows to manage database of assets, such as assets and corporate resources, equipment leased to customers, technological and plant infrastructures, etc.

It has native mechanisms for modelling the database, drawing workflows, configuring reports and dashboards, making connectors with external systems, geo-referencing assets, administering the system.

CMDBuild is a software designed, developed and maintained by us.

The project has a dedicated website which collects extensive documentation for those who wish to deepen the technical and functional characteristics of the software: brochures, slides, manuals, case studies, newsletters, forum.

An online demo of the application is also available.


Starting from CMDBuild we implemented two vertical solutions:

  • CMDBuild READY2USE, software for IT Governance management: ITIL-compliant Configuration Management and Service Desk,
  • openMAINT, software for management of buildings, technical systems and devices, furnishings and related maintenance, logistic and economic activities.


CMDBuild is released with AGPL license. Copyright Tecnoteca srl.
The application can be downloaded from SourceForge
CMDBuild is a registered trademark of Tecnoteca srl.
See the terns of use of the logo.
Logo CMDBuild

The Mobile APP and the Advanced Connector have proprietary license and are provided to customers who have subscribed to the Maintenance Service. Contact us for more information.

Maintenance, support, training

We offer several solutions to help you using CMDBuild at its best and to exploit its full potential.