CMDBuild 3.4.1 30 September 2022

We have released CMDBuild 3.4.1 version.

With the release of CMDBuild 3.4,1 are now also available the new versions of CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT updated to the new version of the core platform.

This release was basically born as a “minor version”, to stabilize the previous 3.4 release, given the many and important innovations introduced with the 3.4 version. Over time, it has also collected numerous new features, which we anticipated in previous newsletters and that we summarize here below.

Main Data Management Module:

  • search filters: possibility to define more complex advanced filters on the data cards by specifying criteria in “or” and/or “and”;
  • data grids: ability to view the attributes to be included in the grid ordered by position in the card or alphabetically, automatic distinct for filters on columns on lookup values;
  • views from joins: improvements in the choice and management of attributes in the configuration phase, possibility of viewing the source data cards in the consultation phase;
  • contextual menu: also enabled on the rows of the card grids and workflow instances;
  • relationships: multiple relationships allowed on the same domain between the same pairs of cards with different attributes of the relationship;
  • relations graph: display of attributes on relations, display of relations on different domains between the same pairs of classes;
  • attached document attributes: foreign key type added;
  • email: viewing unread emails and notification of receipt, checking the size of attachments, chronological view, templates filtered on classes;
  • schedule: possibility of multiple notifications both as email and in-app, navigation to the source card.

Administration Module:

  • ability to disable sorting on some attributes (for performance reasons);
  • reordering of lookup lists;
  • differentiation between read/write permissions on data card TABs;
  • email and in-app notification template localization;
  • new interface for defining the temporal criteria for scheduling tasks;
  • definition of retain criteria in the application logs.

Mobile APP:

  • enabling search of cards and modification of attributes through RFID tags;
  • login via RFID card.

Other news:

  • extension of the service bus with support for hierarchical domains (relations on the same class);
  • authentication of access to mail services: implementation of Modern Authentication by Microsoft and OAuth2 by Google;
  • update of PostGIS to version 3;
  • high reliability cluster: configuration improvements and optimizations.

The changelog is available for the complete list.