V.A. Trapeznikov - Institute of Control Sciences (Russia)

V.A. Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences  is the highest scientific institution of the Russian Federation and the leading center for basic research in natural and social sciences.

The basic lines of research are the following:

  • System Theory and General Control Theory;
  • Techniques of Control in Complicated Engineering and Man-Machine Systems;
  • Theory of Control in Interdisciplinary Models of Organizational, Social, Economic, Medical and Biological and Environment Protection Systems;
  • Theory and Techniques in Development of Software-and-Hardware and Engineering Tools of Control and Complicated Data Processing and Control Systems;
  • Scientific Fundamentals of Technologies in Vehicle Control and Navigation;
  • Scientific Fundamentals of Integrated Control Systems and Automation of Technological Industrial Processes.

In 2018 we started “The Center of Digital Solutions for Smart Grid” project and one of the first tasks was the search for an asset management system for our infrastructure.

It is extremely important knowing “who / what / where / when” about all the assets: sensors, counters, meters and other devices for data collecting.

We choose CMDBuild as an open-source solution with enterprise capabilities: asset management, history of activities, roles, GIS, interfaces (browser, REST, Web Services, SQL). Additionally, in CMDBuild building topology and power consumers are stored.

In these 2 years we have seen qualitative simplification in the installation process, improvements in the overall CMDBuild possibilities and in the valuable forum community, thanks to the Tecnoteca Team.