University of Bologna (Italy)

The Information Area for Systems and Applications (CeSIA) of the University of Bologna designs, develops and controls the ICT infrastructure of the University and many of the IT services for students, teachers, administrative staff, graduate students, research fellows, staff and guests of the University, at the level of connectivity, systems and infrastructure, basic and process applications and consulting and support. The infrastructure is composed of:

  • 600 Km of fiber optics that connect 160 locations in the area of ​​Bologna and in Romagna
  • 910 access points to the wireless network
  • 474 Virtual Server
  • 600 institutional websites
  • 86,000 students
  • 403 464 exam verbal digitally signed
  • 6,000 people between teaching and administrative technical staff

Our Help Desk offers support to technical staff, employees and teachers on connectivity, systems and infrastructure, basic applications (receiving 16,000 calls, 27,000 email) and to students (receiving 52,000 calls, 24,000 emails)
The choice of CMDBuild came when we decided to refurbish the ticketing tool, extend the use of the management system of the requests within the University, adopt a Configuration Management Data Base for the encoding of assets and services, and to implement the Disaster Recovery Plan (PDR) and the Plan of Business Continuity (PCO).

In around 7 months we accomplished all the steps, from software selection to the stage of the migration. Currently more than 150 operators work everyday with CMDBuild and more than 400 Incident Management workflows, and 600 service fulfillment workflows are handled monthly. The tool also manages more than 8,000 client assets and 430 servers.
We then proceeded to import the floor plans of the buildings, to extend CMDBuild to other organizational units, to adopt the Self-Service portal for the opening of the students tickets, to create new dashboards for the services configuration.

Posted on: 15 May 2014

Reference: CMDBuild DAY 2014