Schneider Electric (USA)

This is a summary of the case study presented by Schneider Electric USA at the CMDBuild DAY 2022 here below you can find the complete speech done at the event.

In Schneider Electric USA the Sustainability Business Team has been working with openMAINT for a few years and implemented a configuration of the software that they named “Capital Asset Planning”, or “CAP”. Margot Knight, Business Analyst, and Jess Davis, Client Services South Region Manager, present at the CMDBuild DAY 2022 edition their project application.

They report that “openMAINT completely changed the nature of the conversations with the clients”. Being a completely managed solution and thanks to the ease of access of all the information, filtering and customizability, they are partnering with their clients to analyze their data and bring things to attention.So far, a common situation for customers was the following: having all information inside of one person's head or in a variety of different spreadsheets, being only reactive to the needs of the business and the buildings, considering in the budget planning sessions just the previous years’ financial picture and adding a certain level of percentage on top of that, doing the replacements of pieces of equipment retroactively and reactively, with the risk of not having then the budget necessary for the replacements and of waiting months for these replacements (especially in the current time with equipment delays…).

With the adoption of a solution like this, there is first of all a centralized database of information, a possible cloud-based databased that makes information much more accessible, then decisions are really made on data and customers can focus on what's coming down the pipe in the future. The software allows to analyze the maintenance practices and spend against pieces of equipment, not just the replacement cost but the ongoing cost for keeping pieces of equipment alive, so these could be pulled forward in the replacement process to avoid future costs just keeping them functioning.

Schneider Electric and Tecnoteca implemented a section in the “CAP” called “Deferred Maintenance Dashboard”, which helps to visualize the complete financial picture for the clients and look at dollar values that are expected in the current year, the next year, things deferred that should have been replaced already, etc. Data can be filtered to drill down into the data distribution and really understand how the data is being made up and how it is compiling into the complete budgetary roadmap.

A current and real-word example is the use of openMAINT with one of Schneider Electric biggest clients working in Food & Beverage Services, which allows to make data-driven decisions together and in collaboration with the client. A standardization process was made, to optimize the types of equipment, reduce the amount of replacement parts and storage costs, make cost savings and competitive procurement process through bulk purchasing of specific pieces of equipment, optimize operating and maintenance costs.
It can be easily understood why this initiative is so impactful for Schneider Electric’s clients: “it’s awesome how you can go from data collected, to data being in the platform, to decisions making and actually purchasing things in that short time”.

They conclude saying that “this is a solution with a significant amount of growth potential, is creating a great impact on our client conversations today and will have an even greater impact in the future, as it continues to expand and grow with new features and new knowledge within our team (for example we are currently checking the Mobile APP for data collection process by our internal field team). We are extremely excited about this platform and how it's changing the face of our business.”

Video presentation at CMDBuild DAY

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