Municipality of Udine - Scuelis Desk (Italy)


Since 2009, in the Municipality of Udine is active a "Scuelis Help Desk" that has, as main goal, the collection, management and resolution of assistance requests coming from city schools (generic maintenance, green areas maintenance, installation of furniture, etc.).

The Information Systems of the Municipality of Udine suggested the use of CMDBuild to manage schools requests.

Requests for intervention can then be automatically transmitted to the competent offices, managed with specific workflows and summarized with custom reports.


We provided the following services:

  • configuration of an Amazon EC2 server to run and manage application
  • data model analysis and configuration
  • initial data import (schools, offices, etc)
  • configuration of a workflow to forward requests to a specific department / office
  • custom reports to print interventions and related timetables
  • training and support activities


The referent (Lidia Pascoli) took part in CMDBuild Day 2010


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