CMDB management with CMDBuild READY2USE in Crédit Agricole

This is a summary of the case study presented by Crédit Agricole at the CMDBuild DAY 2022, here below you can find the complete speech done at the event.

Crédit Agricole Italia is one of the leading Italian banking groups.
The project for the introduction of CMDBuild READY2USE in Crédit Agricole, with the collaboration between the Architecture and Innovation Area of the bank and Tecnoteca, began in 2019 and is still continuing with new evolutions and improvements.

The project had three main objectives:

  • the replacement of the pre-existing CMDB, migrating all the information and re-implementing the necessary functions;
  • the development of new functions, within a completely dynamic and customized configurable system, which constitutes its real added value;
  • the development of integration connectors with external systems of interest, in order to automate data synchronization and relieve users from repetitive manual works.

The main stages for the replacement of the previous CMDB saw a software selection phase started in 2018, a POC in the same year, an administrative process that ended at the beginning of 2019 with the launch of the project, the migration of previous data and the start of production in August 2019.

The “system extension phase” was then launched to import and manage new types of information: client- type assets (workplaces, mobile devices), infrastructural assets (servers, networks, storage), specific assets (ATMs, totems), applications (including relationships with other assets), infrastructural software (database), registry (personnel, suppliers), etc.

Once the new typologies of information had been modelled, we proceeded with the development of connectors for the automatic synchronization of some of that data from external “proprietary” systems.

One of the main objectives of the CMDBuild READY2USE system is then to guarantee support to the inventory and to the application management authorization flows, with the implementation of the initial census processes (mapped with the AbiLab framework), modification and decommissioning.

Ultimately CMDBuild is “an always open construction site”, since there are always so many needs and, thanks to its flexibility, as soon as one activity is closed there is always another one that luckily can start to support the daily work.

Video presentation at CMDBuild DAY

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