awesomeWare Co. (South Korea)

Radioactive Waste Management System in South Korea.

awesomeWare Co. is an information management consulting and software development company. We are carrying out many consulting projects in cooperation with domestic and international professional institutions in the areas of construction and operation of nuclear power plants, management of radioactive waste, nuclear education systems and nuclear knowledge management.

South Korea operates a Radioactive waste management system and regularly reports its management status to the public. However, it has been a long time since the management system was developed, and it is difficult for waste managers to immediately provide the data regulators want.

Our CMDBuild customization aims to meet customers’ needs of managing radioactive waste. It is very important to manage lifecycle information of the waste from the waste generation, registration, packaging, transport, storage, reprocessing, repackaging and disposal. Waste managers should be able to track the history of waste at any time and accurately analyze the current amount of waste.


Since our customers already have waste management client system, we have to develop a new client system and integrate it with the existing client system. We decide to use CMDBuild data manager interface as a database modeler and system manager. And also, it will be used as a normal user’s business system when we customize front-end web user interface. And we developed a WPF Client application using CMDBuild Web-service and then integrating the WPF application with the existing applications. Waste manager group uses the new client system because it is easy to input and output data, supports complex data analysis, and generates graphs and reports in real time.

Data communication was implemented through the SOAP provided by CMDBuild and some items have been implemented with direct access to CMDBuild databases. Main functions include registering waste that allows monitoring the process of waste, applying for waste containers, requesting waste management and history feature, etc. Besides, class modeling and domain modeling capabilities provide us with unlimited possibilities.


There are so many laws and regulations involved in the management of radioactive waste. The procedures and methods for managing waste should be carried out in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Based on our experience in conducting research on the configuration management system of nuclear power plants, we performed data modeling for requirements management and developed requirements management functionality.

Relationship diagram of CMDBuild helps to visualize waste management process data which is big interest to our customers who want to find related waste drum, storage facility and people. But there were some issues that need to be developed, for example, many other items related to the waste makes difficult to see the graph with too much time. To resolve this, it requires some constraints in place for the performance of drawing graphs. And we develop custom relationship diagram for WPF application.


Finally, our CMDBuild based waste management system is able to trace the entire lifecycle information of radioactive waste. Our testing target facility was the waste source where the original waste generated which shall be submitted to the management requesting process in order to characterize the waste using many technical processes. After those processes, all related wastes are taken into a waste container to comply with mandatory requirements that must be followed. Wastes packed in a container then transported to the disposal site in a designated truck according to the transportation application. This whole process allows administrators to track the overall history of waste and determine the state of waste at a certain point in time.


The dashboard and report functions of CMDBuild allow real-time monitoring of waste management status and real-time generation of various kinds of reports. Waste managers now have the ability to provide timely and accurate data without having to manually process the work to generate the data required by regulators.


The various features and flexibility of CMDBuild provided a foundation for implementing customer requirements in a short period of time. It was very impressive and we would like to thank Tecnoteca for their excellent products and support.


Kyungik Anders AN, Business development director, YOUL SYSTEMS Inc. & awesomeWare (Korea)