Agricultural Consortium (Italy)

The FTB Consortium was founded about 2 years ago to manage, among other services, the ICT platform of the Agricultural Consortiums of Friuli Venezia Giulia region and Treviso-Belluno provinces, consortiums rooted in the areas with more than 400 employees and 80 branches.

A very flexible and scalable platform was needed, to manage over 10.000 assets of all shapes and sizes (from mobiles to AS400) and the user’s helpdesk requests, able to support the Consortium in the design and the management of Asset Management and Service Desk processes.

Choosing CMDBuild READY2USE allowed the Consortium to be operational in a very short time frame, thanks to the models and the workflows already present, which however represent only a starting point: the management of requests (and their approval flow) and the document management, as well as the activation of the User’s Portal, represent the next steps.