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About us

We are an IT company operating since 2000.

Our goal is to actually satisfy the changing needs of every customer that wants to benefit from all the opportunities offered by the new technologies.

We have developed and are the maintainer of two open source softwares: CMDBuild for the IT ASSET MANAGEMENT and openMAINT for the PROPERTY & FACILITY MANAGEMENT.
For these softwares we offer support and maintenance solutions.

Moreover we help companies and organizations to gain online visibility by developing customised web and mobile applications.

High quality components, OPEN SOURCE philosophy, recurrent training and careful customer service are our daily best practices to guarantee the best satisfaction to our clients.

Company overview

Have a look to our story!


Tecnoteca is founded

Logo Tecnoteca

Tecnoteca srl is established in 2000 by a group of passionate IT professionals. Our goal is to offer to our clients the most advanced services in the field of IT embracing the open source philosophy.


We build portal


We create, an information portal dedicated to the main themes around IT, open source and new technologies. Born as a meeting point for sharing knowledge and different views, becomes soon a central reference point for the IT and digital passionate in Italy.
In addition to the development, we deal with the content management and the relationship with the contributors for more than 10 years. 2001

We choose Plone as our background CMS

After we chose Zope as Application Server, we identify Plone as our reference CMS to create websites for our clients and as a preferential tool for the web development.

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We create value with open source

We work as system integrator of open source products; we organize and participate to several conferences to spread this philosophy.
The open source model begins to stand out especially in the Public Administration that becomes our main interlocutor/ partner.

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We develop dynamic web sites

siti web.jpg

We focus on web development, intranet, e-commerce and vertical web applications. Our customers are Public Administrations and SMe that are not just interested in the graphics but also in the functionalities, in the usability and in the contents.

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We design CMDBuild

The municipality of Udine (Italy) asks us toreview and optimise its IT processes.
We begin to develop a CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base) following the best practices ITIL.

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We release the first version of CMDBuild

We make available to download the first version of CMDBuild.
In this special occasion we publish the dedicated website, that contains all the documentation about the project and a forum for the users.

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We introduce CMDBuild at the itSMF conference

We attend the national meeting of itSMF Italy, introducing CMDBuild for the IT service and management.

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We release version 1.0 of CMDBuild

The new version undergoes a complete refactoring both on the server architecture and on the user interface of CMDBuild. The software is now solid and well-established.
A lot of companies and organizations all over the world start to use it thanks to the localizations in different languages from our contributors.


We are founding members of DITEDI


We are co-founding of the regional district called Ditedi, “Distretto industriale delle tecnologie digitali Scarl” (Business cluster of digital technologies).

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We organize the 1° CMDBuild DAY


The first CMDBuild DAY takes place in Udine, and it’s dedicated to all CMDBuild users of and to all the people interested in the project.
The aim of the conference is to share the experiences around CMDBuild and to compare the different areas in which it is used.

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We become “mobile”


We focus on the development of mobile apps, hybrid and responsive for android and iOS. We release furthermore some open source tools for different environments.

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We organize the 2° CMDBuild DAY


The 2nd edition of CMDBuild Day is held in Bologna in the headquarters of the Emilia Romagna region in Italy. The meeting is in live streaming and several are the participants, physically and online.

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We release CMDBuild 2.0

With the version 2.0 CMDBuild becomes an enterprise solution. Among the new features of the new version, the most significant are: a completely new interface of the workflow engine with the database and the introduction of the dashboards.


We spread CMDBuild all over the world


We get beyond the national borders and we start offering support and assistance to universities, hospitals, multi utility companies, banks, telecommunication companies and other organizations that have chosen CMDBuild as Configuration Management System.

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We launch our new product: openMAINT

After more than one year of design and development, we launch openMAINT, the software for the Property and Facility Management and the related maintenance activity. openMAINT is based on CMDBuild and still is one of the few OPEN SOURCE CMMS (Computerized Maintenance and Management System) now available on the market.

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We organize the 3° CMDBuild DAY

CMDBuildDay 2014 .jpg

The 3rd CMDBuild Day takes place in Roma, at the Sala delle Colonne in Palazzo Marini (the seat of the Chamber of Deputies at that time).
Several influential users such as Chamber of Deputies, Senate and Government Legal Service talk about their experience with CMDBuild during the meeting.

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CMDBuild is chosen as project of the month by SourceForge, internet platform that collects the main open source projects in the international panorama, choose CMDBuild as Project of the Month, publishing an interview to our CEO Fabio Bottega.

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We launch CMDBuild READY2USE

Thanks to several years experience with CMDBuild we create the READY2USE version, a configuration that can be immediately used within a production environment, based on the best ITIL practices and comprehensive of all the necessary features for the IT governance in medium and big organizations.

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We organize the 4° CMDBuild DAY


In the 2016 we are back with the CMDBuild DAY, linking all the users of CMDBuild. Given the growth of the project worldwide, and the difficulty of bringing together users from various geographical areas, we decide to meet virtually using a video conferencing system. More than 200 people from all over the world join online to the event.

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Design of CMDBuild 3.0

We start to design and prototype CMDBuild 3.0 version. The goal is the rewriting of the user interface and implementation of new features and configuration mechanisms.

Leggi altro 2017

We organize the 5° CMDBuild DAY

CMDBuild DAY 2018
Great participation from all over the world for the fifth edition of CMDBuild DAY, which was held online. During the event a preview of the new version 3 of CMDBuild was presented.

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Our services

We offer support services for the open source software CMDBuild, for the IT ASSET MANAGEMENT, and openMAINT, for the PROPERTY and FACILITY MANAGEMENT.

We design and develop web and mobile applications.

Tecnoteca srl

via L'Aquila 1/A - Tavagnacco UD - Italy
tel + 39 0432 689094
fax +39 0432 689572

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