Software for the configuration of customized applications for Asset Management.


Software for the IT Governance Management: Configuration Management and ITIL compliant Service Desk.


Software for the management of buildings, furnishings, technical systems and devices, and related maintenance, logistic and economic activities.

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Purpose Asset Management IT Governance Property and Facility Management
Follows ITIL best practices - yes -
CMDBuild standard features yes yes yes
 CMDBuild standard structure yes yes yes
Datamodel configurable through the internal features already preconfigured for the IT assets management already preconfigured for buildings, furnishing, system and technical devices management 
Workflow configurable through the external visual editor (TWE)
  • Incident Management
  • Request Fulfilment 
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management 
  • Asset Management

      • Corrective Maintenance  Management

      • Preventive Maintenance:  calendar generation, workorder generation, work order execution

    Service functions configurable through Javascript or  external visual  workflow editor (TWE)
    • QR Codes print
    • Opening Incident Management by Email 
    • IT Process Extra Management
    • SLA IT Process
    • Incident Management massive closure 
    • QR Code print
    • Opening  Corrective Maintenance by Email   
    • SLA Maintenance Check
    Report configurable through the external visual editor (Jasper Reports)
    • Workplaces inventory
    • Incident Management open processes
    • Incident Management average closing time
    • Incident Management timetable
    • Incident Management distribution for time slots
    • Request Fulfilment open processes
    • Request Fulfilment average closing time
    • Request Fulfilment timetable
    • Request Fulfilment distribution for time slots
    • Locations with assets
    • MTBF - Mean time between failures
    • Racks layout
    • Asset Management processes list
    • Asset Management barcode print
    • Barcode print
    • Active tickets in a specified date
    • Active tickets in a specified date interval
    • AD Connector - summary
    • LLDP Connector - Summary
    • OCS Connector - summary
    • VMware Connector - summary
    • AWS Connector - summary
    • Maintenance Requests Statistics (per building, category, priority, team...)
      • Maintenance Process SLA
        • Single Maintenance Process Request
      • Consumables stocks
      • Preventive maintenance calendar
      • Preventive maintenance configuration issues
      • Preventive maintenance tasks status
      Custom Pages implementable in CMDBuild  using Javascript

      Dashboard for Service Desk operators 

      Dashboard for Maintenance Office

      Connectors configurable through the webservice SOAP and REST features
      • Active Directory (staff) *
      • OCS Inventory (phisical computers) *
      • VMware VCenter (virtual servers) *
      • LLDP (networking discovery) *
      • Amazon AWS (virtual servers)*
      • Zabbix (monitoring)*

        IFC connector

        Self-Service Portal

        configurable through the GUI Framework already preconfigured *

        already preconfigured *

         Mobile APP yes * yes * yes *

        * the elements marked with an asterisk are not open source and are provided to customers who have signed the Subscription with Tecnoteca.