CMDBuild DAY 2020

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28 October


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CMDBuild DAY 2020

The sixth edition of the CMDBuild DAY conference - 28 October 2020

The CMDBuild DAY is a biennial virtual conference, promoted by Tecnoteca, that offers to CMDBuild, CMDBuild READY2USE and openMAINT users the opportunity to share experiences, best practices, information and suggestions about future developments.

In the 2020 edition we bring the direction and the moderation of the CMDBuild DAY in a room usually used for theatrical performances, shows and conferences. An empty space without a physical audience, which we however populate with the contents of the several speakers and the attendees who participate remotely.

The event is a unique chance to discover the wide range of CMDBuild applications through the direct voice/experience of its users. Furthermore updates on projects status, the new versions of CMDBuild 3.3, CMDBuild READY2USE 2.1, openMAINT 2.1 and the Mobile APP completely refactored.

The convention is organized by Tecnoteca, the maintainer of the CMDBuild project.


Some video registration of the speeches are now available.