BIM DAY 2014

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31 October 2014

BIM DAY 2014

New BIM methodologies - IAL, Udine

The formation body IAL, located in Udine, in collaboration with Fermat Design, organized on October, 31st a workshop about new BIM methods and the multitude of possibilities of digital integration for corporations and professionals.

During the first speech, Federico Lenarduzzi (Fermat Design) analyzed how BIM technology developed and its purpose, from the beginning to the most recent implementations.

The exposition continued with a practical demonstration of the great potentialities of the new tool called BIM Archicad 18 []

A target achievement for the workshop was to demonstrate the real interoperability between BIM technologies and different kinds of solutions, which were able to get the grasp of the occasion in order to offer a real new value to its users.

On the same matter, Fabio Bottega (Tecnoteca Srl) presented openMAINT, the enterprise open source application committed to Property and Facility Management.

After showing all its features, he showed a short “live demo” of the BIM models viewer implemented in openMAINT and he synchronized with tools such as Archicad 18 through IFC open exchange protocol (IFC).

Other interventions followed, like Massimo Guerini's presentation (BimObject) of a new way to create catalogs of technical objects, already provided with 3D models and as such directly importable in BIM projects.

You can find the workshop poster at this link.