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Certified CMDBuild appliance

Even if you haven't signed the Annual Maintenance service, you can be interested in using CMDBuild. In this way you have not to update the application code and the used components.

We can offer the annual supply and updating of  a preconfigured Appliance which lets Customers activate a  CMDBuild virtual server.

The Appliance can be preconfigured in 64-bit Ubuntu Linux system, standard OVF, used in VMware virtualized environments, ESX and ESXi versions.

The service includes the link to download the certified Appliance (OVF format)

The provided appliance will include the last supported versions of all components requested by  CMDBuild.

The overall configuration is verified and certified by Tecnoteca.

By signing the service, you will receive the updating for the  CMDBuild standard Appliance for 12 months from the signing date.

The appliance ca be used only for a single production instance of CMDBuild.


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